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Home built organ request
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Author:  Dave Stubbs [ Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Home built organ request

Hi Folks. This is a copy of an email I received.


My Father started building a mechanical fairground organ about 15 years ago. He died in December leaving a half finished project. As a family we would be delighted if anyone reading this email was interested enough to get in touch with a view to using the project my Dad had started to help with their own.

I am not very technical so I am unsure what information you need but here goes...and please excuse my ignorance. He used various references for the project including a book called "Building a Small Fairground Organ or an Electronic Book for an Existing Organ" by James Anderton from Lancashire. He had corresponded with "Jim" on a few occasions as there are some letters in my Dads personal effects. He also used another book "Organ Building for Amateurs..a Practical Guide for Home Workers" by Mark Wicks.

My Dad built a large unit to enclose the organ's bits and's not great in terms of aesthetic guess is it's the other bits that will be of greater interest..pipes, solenoids etc.

I don't know where you and your fellow enthusiasts are based but I would happily arrange to bring the organ to a location for people to look at and decide how best to use the parts. Having said that, we do not want anyone to feel obliged to relieve us of the construction. We just do not want all my Dad's work to go to waste....he absolutely adored tinkering in the garage and talking to my husband about some of the technicalities. You see, my Dad was a scientist who retired early from work because of ill-health. He was determined not to vegetate so he built a working model steam locomotive, then undertook a project about memorial inscriptions as part of another degree he decided to take in retirement. Then...he embarked upon this Fairground Organ project. He took woodwork, metalwork and computing classes which helped him carry out various projects.

I live in Bedford and most week-ends are do-able for me. If you think a photo would help...that can be sorted in the next few days. Have a think and feel free to get back to me when you have mulled it over.

Kind regards: Lindsey Coldwell

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