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Hiring request for organ in July 2017..
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Author:  Dave Stubbs [ Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Hiring request for organ in July 2017..

I received a request for hiring an organ in the Gatwick area in July 2017

Note the date is flexible to suit the organ provider, but it must be a Saturday.

Message from client:

70th Birthday Party;

We have a specific requirement in that we have a height restriction of 92 inches, as access to our garden is through a large car port. We are located on the Sussex/Surrey border, close to Gatwick, and within very easy reach of the M25 and M23.

We can promise that if we find someone they will be very warmly received at a splendid event – we have a good record of doing that! I have my own pig roasting machine, so that is what we shall be doing for food.

We are anxious to start planning this (70th birthdays wait for no-one!) but we feel that the organ is an integral part of the event, and need to fix availability of that before anything else. I did have one here before, but that was before the car port was built.

If it was a condition of someone coming to help me here, I would arrange for the instrument to be under cover. There will be several marquees here on the day, so it could certainly be a possibility to be under canvas. I also have a large overhanging porch on the front of my double garage. It all depends on the height really what I could do – but don’t forget that we have an overall height restriction of 92 inches anyway because of access through my car port.

There will of course be many instruments out there lower than that anyway. I understand that many have a demountable superstructure on the front in any case – that could perhaps be detached for access and/or transport , as is often the case I understand.

We have not fixed an actual date yet, as we are waiting to fit in with whatever an owner can manage. Many people of course go to the same events every year, and we would not want to compromise that for owners.

What I can say is that it needs to be a Saturday, preferably in July 2017, but really it is a case of “what date can you do for me?” We are so keen to make this happen that we have put everything on hold to fix the date depending on getting an organ here. If you think it would improve our chances to fix an actual date, then we will do so, but it would be a real pity to fail because we had fixed on say the 8th, only to find that no-one can do that, but loads of people could do the 15th !

Please contact me as soon as possible if you can cover this job on

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