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Other hobbys!
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Author:  Lincolnshire Rose [ Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Other hobbys!

Hello all.

As this section is Titled "Other interests" i take it to mean....what other interests do we have? :?:

Besides a love of organs, i have always done models but so have most of the readers on this forum.

I am into dolls! :lol2:
Yes, i know, a bloke who prefers barbie over Action man!
Seriously though, i have always been that way. But i have built a dolls house.
I also knit and crochet. Mostly lace shawls. Very time consuming and intricate work.

I also am a Radio Amateur. Which also cover my electronics hobby.

And just the same as most of those reading i have a love for all things steam! Including Phils water powered car. (Hello Phil)

The worst thing for me though is this blessed wheelchair i now need to get around. It does make most hobbys and interests difficult to pursue.
But despite the wheeled chariot, i am building an organ.

So should i include woodwork as a hobby?
Despite the fact that i am not all that good at it....... :lol:


So is anyone else going to own up to playing with their sisters dolls? Hmmmmmm........i wonder.......

I know i will get my leg pulled a bit about dollys, but personally, i don't mind. Right, over to you.

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