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Registering on the FOPS Discussion Forum

[1] At the top of the forum home page, under the main menus, you will see a 'Register' link:
[2] When you click on the link, it will display the Registration Terms:
[3] Click on “I agree to these terms” and the Registration form will be displayed:
[4] Complete all sections of the form. You must enter your full name as well as the Username for identification purposes.
If you entered everything correctly, you will be shown the “Account Created” information:
[5] You will receive two emails; one to acknowledge your registration and one from the Webmaster to inform you that your account has been activated.
It is recommended that you use your real name as  your Username.
You must enter your full name here, or your account will not be activated.
This will only be visible to Administrators and Moderators and not users
Your Password must contain at least 6 characters
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