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Author:  Dave Stubbs [ Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:51 am ]
Post subject:  Welcome to the forum...

:mrgreen: After lengthy negotiations, the F.O.P.S. Committee has given the go-ahead for a new Discussion Forum.

:wait2: This is on the strictest condition that all Forum Users comply with the new Forum Rules. It is rather a long list, but please take the time to read them, because we must ensure that the forum is not abused.
:tiphat: I know that you are all well behaved, responsible forum users, but we all have 'one-of-those-days' when we feel a little 'opinionated' and lose our self-control :upside: So the rules are here for the benefit of Forum Users and the Society.

:x2 The new rules (or Moderators) will not increase censorship, as only a small percentage of posts require moderation, which will usually involve a quick telling-off :wag: !

They can be found at:

You do not need to be a member of FOPS to join the Forum, just click on the 'Register' link at the top of the page (under the main menus), agree to the terms, which include the new Forum Rules and enter the requested information, including the Security Question.

The Forum will send me your registration request by email and I will activate your account (I activate them manually to check for valid usernames/email addresses and to prevent automated Spam registrations going through).

If you have any difficulty registering, you can send your registration details by email to the Webmaster and I will enter them for you. I will require your Username, your full name (see the notes below about usernames) and a password (with at least 6 characters), I also require an email address, so I will assume that you wish to use the address from your message, unless you specify otherwise. The email is used to notify you that the account has been set up and activated.

You can register with any username, although it is recommended that you use your real name, but you must enter your full name in a separate entry on the registration form, which must be completed. This is only visible to the site Administrator/Moderators and not to other users. Please see rule A1 relating to usernames.

You will receive two emails, one to acknowledge your registration and one to advise when I have activated your account. If you have registered with a 'cryptic' username and not completed the 'Full Name' section of the registration form correctly, I will send another email requesting your full name(s), before I activate your account.

It has taken some time to reinstate (the old Forum was discontinued in late 2005), so I hope that we can persuade people to start using it again.

Enjoy using the forum!

Best Regards,

Dave Stubbs (Site Admin) :D2

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