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Society Organ Insurance Scheme (Updated October 2020)

The Fair Organ Preservation Society has a long-standing arrangement with Aviva to insure fair and other organs belonging to FOPS members, on a common policy.

This reduces costs; each organ owner taking a proportion of the cover offered under the policy as a whole and paying premiums directly related to the amount of cover required.

The premium rate is a very low 0.60% or £6.00 per £1,000 of cover, the maximum being £150,000. Higher valued organs can be covered by special arrangement. A minimum premium of £30 will be charged.

All premium renewals are due at the same time each year, mid-October, with owners who join the scheme part way through the insurance period paying pro-rata.

Organs and trailers (but not motor vehicles) and generators, music etc. are covered for all risks at home, in transit, and on site, provided reasonable precautions are taken. Cover is even included for Continental visits. Public liability is included up to a maximum of £2 million.

An extra £3 million can be covered by an optional additional premium of £30 - More event organisers are insisting on £5 million of liability cover, so the extra premium is worth paying.

All premiums are subject to Insurance Tax at the prevailing rate. Please remember that under-insurance means only proportional pay-out in the event of a claim. Please note that insurance is not available for model organs, and those playing recorded music.

The policy is handled through our brokers, who should be contacted direct.

Sorvio Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Formerly Philips)
37 Brown Street

Tel: 01722 323874