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Types of membership

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There are two main types of membership; Single and Joint.

Single membership for the subscription shown entitles the named person to receive four issues of the Society's quarterly magazine, The Key Frame and a variety of other occasional offers and publications. The named person is entitled to vote at meetings of the Society.

All rates are UK Pounds Sterling:

Single UK membership (Age 16 to 64) costs £21.00,
Single Senior Citizen (Age 65 and over) £17.00,
Single Overseas (Any age) membership £30.00.

Joint members are two named people, resident at the same address, who are each entitled to vote at meetings of the Society. They share the same publication entitlement as a single member.

Joint UK membership costs £23.00,
Joint UK Senior Citizens £18.00,
Joint Overseas membership £33.00

Junior membership (UK single only, aged up to 16 years) costs £10.00 per year.

How to join

Print the Application form, and send the completed form with your remittance to the c/o Mrs Sarah Calladine, 164 Reginald Road North, Chaddesden, Derby, DE21 6HU, United Kingdom.

US residents contact our USA representative, Philip Jamison, for details of payments via him in US dollars. Tel: +1 610 696 8449.