50 Years

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The Key Frame is the quarterly journal of the FOPS.

Articles are encouraged from members of the society and elsewhere. A wide variety of subjects, all, of course, connected with mechanical musical instruments, are published.

The subjects covered include rally reports; museums; organ building and restoration; biographies of personalities; technical information; histories of instruments; music arrangers and composers; book, video, cassette and CD reviews; the work of the FOPS around the world; together with the usual mixture of fillers, Letters to the Editor, advertisements and notices.

We have taken some of these articles and re-published them here.

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The numbers at the end of the title refer to the edition year & number in which the article appeared.

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Articles Index

Caribbean Dream - 1995-1

Nottingham Riverside Festival - 1996-4

An Organ Museum in Australia - 1996-4

The Thimble and the Ocean - Stirring Stuff! - 1996-4

A Brief History of Limonaire 4123 - 1997-1

A Day of Organs in Ohio - 1997-1

Ramblings About America - 1997-1

Third National Fair Organ Rally - Australia - 1997-1

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music (Fair Organ Music, That Is!!) - 1997-3

A Gavioli Resurrected - 1997-4

News from Italy - 2003-1

New Articles or Series Of Articles - 2004-1