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Guidelines for Organ Owners

[1] Please ensure that you have sufficient liability insurance to cover your instrument(s) and note that some events are now insisting on £5 million! See the FOPS Insurance page for details.

[2] Please ensure that you have a PRS Mechanical Organ Licence. You can download an information leaflet HERE. However, if you have been booked for a public event, in most cases the organisers will have a PRS licence that covers you, but there is always an event where you will not be covered, so it is recommended that you purchase one.

[3] It is also becoming necessary to have a risk assessment, especially for local council events. An example of a risk assessment entry is shown below:

Hazard Risk Action
Generator Petrol Fire Fuel to be stored safely

Basically, you have to think of anything that could cause a risk. For example the front flaps of the organ could be an obstacle to pedestrians, but as this is an integral part of the organ all you can do is make sure that it is a 'high visibility' component, or place a fence around the front of the organ so that the public are unable to reach it (then the fence becomes a risk!).

You can download a risk assessment template (in MS Word format) HERE. Just fill in the blank cells with anything you can think of that may be a risk. You will have to 'Save As' when you have added your entries, because it will be in a 'Read Only' format when downloaded.

Or you can download a 'generic' risk assessment, there is one for a Vehicle mounted organ and one for a Trailer mounted. Please ensure that you implement the actions shown on the forms!

If you have any queries, or changes to your listing in the register, contact the

PRS License

Risk Assessment

Download a Risk Assessment form.

Download a generic risk assessment form: Vehicle Mounted or Trailer Mounted